The young people are facing various problems at their workplace and living environment and these problems are to be taken care of with special care and adequate guidance should be provided to ensure the that there is no mental and physical breakdown in the smooth flow of life. Further, the group activities are also initiated to meet the requirements of the unemployed youth and thereby they can support the families through a regular income. Initiatives such as counselling centres and self-help groups are formulated by Sevabharathi Kerala to meet the purpose.  



Sevabharathi Kerala constituted a counselling centre at Ulloor with the guidance expert counsellors for reducing the distress faced by the youth at various stages of life. The family issues are also taken care of here and expert guidance with corrective measures are advised for happy family life. Approximately 15 to 20 services are done per month through this counselling centre.



To meet the unemployment disaster in the Country, Self Help Groups (SHG) are formed for performing group activities which ensures a regular income. Thrifts collected from the members form the capital and various Government schemes for easy finance are also availed by the group for starting the income generating activities such a soap making, incense sticks etc.

Sevabharathi Kerala has constituted 150 such groups with 20 members each which ensures a good means for living. The products made by these groups are collected and sold in a single market for good prices and the profits are divided equally among the members. Approximately 3000 members and their families are benefited through the project.



The dependent population in India is one of the major area were at most care and developments required. Helping the aged does not seem to be much caring by the common people unless they are close relatives. The elderly population in India is continuously increasing and also the problems faced by these people are increasing simultaneously. The number of people in old age homes is constantly increasing and also most of the parents are now deciding to live in old age homes rather than living with their children. Nowadays these people are facing the problems like lack of care, emotional support and economic support from the family etc. Our culture recognizes the status of the parents as that of God. A moral duty is put on the children to take care of their parents. But nowadays what we are observing in our society is that the children are not willing to take care of their parents, they do not want to spend money on them, they are treating their parents as aliens, they do not want to share an emotional bond with parents. These children are forgetting that the foundation of their life is built up by the parents. They are forgetting their moral and ethical duties towards their parents. This is because of fast life, industrialization, money oriented minds, inflation etc. Children have no time to look after their parents because of their busy schedule and as a consequence of this situation the elders are getting neglected. At this age almost all the people need some kind of support.

Sevabharathi Kerala formulated old age pension scheme for the poor aged population and Rs. 500/- is paid per person and 45 aged persons in Thiruvananthapuram is smiling on the financial support extended by Sevabharathi for the previous generation.



The response phase of an emergency may commence with Search and Rescue but in all cases the focus will quickly turn to fulfilling the basic humanitarian needs of the affected population. Kerala is one of the Indian states which is in the high risk zone for the movement of Techtonic plates and thereby earth quake. Further, being the area is nourished with good rainfall, the chances of floods are huge and all these years, floods and earthquakes were shaken the place but because of the will for a selfless service, the dangers were went away with little damages for the inhabitants. Further, the high density of population is also a threat for emergency response in case of these natural calamities and man-made disasters.

Sevabharathi Kerala has recent history of providing emergency services including searching and discovering, cleaning and assisting rehabilitation of the people in the cases of various disasters.

Amboori, a small village in Neyyattinkara Taluk was replaced with mud and water on 9th November, 2001 taking 39 precious lives including 24 members in a single household who were gathered at a house for a betrothal ceremony scheduled to be held the next day at the local church. Along with it, 100 people were displaced in the landslide and cash crops including rubber were washed away resulting huge loss to the farmers. In the situation, Sevabharathi volunteers in cooperation with local government authorities risked their lives in search and rescue operations and rehabilitation procedures reducing the volume of loss both in terms of man and material.

Twenty sixth December, 2004 - Kerala experienced the first ever tsunami in its recorded history. When the phenomenon occurred, people could not gauge the magnitude of the disaster caused by these monstrous waves. The welling up and retreat of the sea initially attracted the curiosity of the people. The scene suddenly changed and high amplitude waves invaded the low-lying coastal tracts of the southern districts of Kerala claiming 175 lives, leaving thousands injured and homeless and causing damage to properties worth crores of rupees. Sevabharathi Kerala volunteers helped for discovering life and dead bodies along the coastal areas and helped the Police, Fire Force and other Disaster Management Agencies for sanitizing the place for reducing the risk of epidemics and burying huge volume of dead bodies.

It was a black morning for Thiruvananthapuram on 17th February, 2011when a school wan overturned into the Parvathy Puthanar taking the lives of 6 tots and an ayah. The timely response of the Sevabharathi volunteers and local people reduced the death toll considerably and the incident was an eye opening for the educational authorities to make regulations on school bus fleets.

There are certain vulnerable areas in Kerala such as Attakkulangara Karimadom Colony where floods are regular and the coastal areas in rainy seasons as the sea waves run high on the human life and the Sevabharathi could efficiently involve in the areas of emergency and arrange temporary shelters and meet the primary needs such as food and drinking water for the suffered. The ever helping volunteers are to be appreciated in these cases of emergency response.