Anantha Kripa (Accommodation Facilities for the financially challenged patients and bystanders ,especially women & children near RCC Thiruvananthapuram accompanied with a rehabilitation programme after recovery)

State Bank of India, Pattom Branch, Thiruvananthapuram
Ac No: 57009361251 IFSC Code: SBIN0003355

8800 sq ft, 90 beds in 14 dormitories with Common Kitchen and hygienic bathrooms and Camera Vision Security Surveillance System.

Benefitting Community
  • Patients & bystanders especially women & children under-going treatment at RCC, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • 32850 patients/bystanders/Bed nights per year (20% of the total requirement).

Snap shot of Milestones Sevabharati Kerala
  • Inception in 1988

  • Project Range
  • Food, education, poor homes, youth and family welfare, health, poverty eradication, disaster management and financial support

  • Project Reach
  • Spread in and around Thiruvananthapuram identifying the needs of the urban as well as rural population and catering to the deserved

  • Project Beneficiaries
  • The urban as well as rural population who are financially andsocially challenged as well as the children who are differently abled

  • Project Volume
  • 2 major project at 4 places in Hunger Management
  • 6 projects in Healthcare
  • 3 projects in education
  • 2 poor home projects
  • School project for the differently abled
  • 2 projects for the youth and family welfare
  • Pension scheme for the aged.
  • Emergency Response Management



Anantha Kripa means 'God's Grace'. We are parting the blessings from the prayers of the good people associating with us to the people in need and thereby reaching the ultimate goal of of Sevabharathi 'manava seva madhava seva'. Anantha Kripa is a free accommodation facility proposed by Sevabharathi near Medical College Jn, Trivandrum for the patients and bystanders exclusively women and children of Regional Cancer Centre. The project includes free accommodation along with a doctor's assistance 24X7 and a rehabilitation programme for the cured. The facility will be provided only to women and children irrespective of religion,caste and creed.

To provide and facilitate the underprivileged specifically concentrated toward women and children for free patient accommodation and caring them, thereby being a helping hand to the needy in the right time.



Medical College Campus is one of the excellent medical facility provided by the Government of Kerala along with specialists in General Medicine, Cancer Care, Gynaecology and Heart Disease. The place is visited by more than three lac patients per day both inpatients and out patients. The hospitals provide best medical facilities available in India and even patients from Maldives are visiting the place on account of medical reasons. Out of these hospitals. RCC is the gem of the crown. People who are financially weak could not afford expensive medical check-ups in private hospitals, and they are depending on the medical facilities offered by the government for the general public. In Kerala, as the length and breadth of medical research and facilities increased so far from 1950,s, the place is becoming famous in the world for state of the art medical facilities. Even though, there is much development in the medical facilities, and allied sectors, women and children are still facing problems due to the unattended environment to seek best medical assistance, especially

for the financially unsound class. Treating cancer is an expensive affair not affordable by many. This project mainly aims on underprivileged women and children with free accommodation provided with kitchen facility, doctor assistance and a rehabilitation programme.

Mere medical guidance and medicines won't help a man's struggle to overcome from his illness. He needs positive surroundings including good food and accommodation and allied facilities to overcome from the breakdown he faced in his life. The people who seek medical guidance from Government hospitals in Kerala, is increasing due to the state of the art facilities given to them. But women and children are facing challenges in finding standard things are accommodation near to the hospitals and thereby the prolonged treatments are broken down which may lead to worsen situation, from the previous one.ghv

Good medical guidance, quality medicines and positive atmosphere can result in a better cure for every disease. In the former two, the Government has taken steps but the ultimate one, a positive atmosphere is not taken care of until now. The accommodation facilities and good food are still hard to find there.

As the place is became very popular it has turnout to be a business centre and the costs are really high for accommodation and other services compared to other places in the city and therefore the women and children are facing distress for good food and accommodation facilities. The exploitations of the local vendors and poor lodging facilities results in unhygienic rooms and high rentals and hence the place became inaccessible for the financially weaker section.

In other hand, NGO's and other service organisation dare to provide free accommodation facilities due to huge initial cash outflow.

In the present scenario, accommodation facilities with reduced cost and decent amenities is the need of the hour and the providing such a facility will cut down the cost of medical treatment to a considerable amount so that the poor can relieved from the mental tension due to financial issues.



Kerala has roughly 35,000 new cancer cases every year (age adjusted incidence), based on the cancer registry data. There are 913 male and 974 female cancer patients per million in Kerala. A total of 100,000 cancer patients are in prevalence annually in the state. Though the rate of cancer occurrence in Kerala is much lower compared to western countries, the large population will give rise to a large number of cancers.

The present study was a retrospective and hospital based study which focused only on the histologically confirmed cases of Regional Cancer Centre patients during the year 2010-2015.Data on the demographic profile and clinical information were obtained from hospital and clinical records. Based on the increasing trends of cancer patients during the few decades, the numbers of cancer patients have been predicted by the end of 2020 and 2025 in Kerala. These compiled data show that the number of male, female, children and the total

cancer patients in 2010 were 250 inpatients, 865 outpatients (590 men,168 women & 106 children) & 9448 new patients (5905 men, 3389 women and children, 154 children below 5 years) respectively. Similarly 424 inpatients, 1465 outpatients (1000 men, 285 women & 180 children) and 16000 new patients (10000 men, 5740 women & children and 260 children below 5 years) patients in 2015. Thus, it is clear from the figure 1 that the number of cancer cases has increased gradually with time.

As the above statistics suggests the number of cancer patients seem to be increasing over every year. Treatment cost have also been increasing.

There are around 14 institutes that provide accommodation that range from Rs.50 to Rs.500 per day. Most underprivileged people find it difficult to afford such costs. Around the city premises about 6km away there is an institute which provides accommodation for about 15 children. Overall the city there are no institutes that cater to free accommodation for underprivileged patients especially women and children.

Anantha Kripa can help underprivileged women and children by providing accommodation facilities free of cost and thereby help them to their cost of treatment and also to make an impact in cut down the prices for the lodging facilities in the area.



Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram, was established in 1981 by the Government of Kerala and Government of India. From a modest beginning, the Regional Cancer Centre has evolved into an internationally recognized centre for conducting a wide range of cancer research and providing state-of-the-art facilities for cancer diagnosis, treatment, palliation and rehabilitation. RCC provided specialized cancer care to about 2,50,000 patients in its crusade against cancer and there is a steep increase in the number of patients. With one of the finest diagnostic oncology setups in the country, RCC has made much progress in the area of radiological imaging techniques using ultrasound, CT and MRI scanners, mammograms and more dynamic real time nuclear isotope scanning. RCC became the first cancer centre in the state to have a morphine capsule manufacturing unit. In 1995, World Health Organization (WHO) designated RCC as a WHO Collaborating Centre for cancer control for developing countries. At RCC nearly 60% patients receive free

treatment and another 29% in the middle income group receive treatment at subsidised rates. RCC spearheaded various cancer control activities targeting schools and general public.

The total patient turnout per day is more than 30,000 per day and due to unavailability of enough beds causes the patients for searching accommodation near the hospital. Exploiting the situation, the local lodging providers are asking for 750 to 1500 per room for a day and this causes huge financial burden to the patients especially women and children who are the dependent category in a typical Indian family setup. For RCC patients, the patients require prolonged medications and in such case the monthly rent for single room comes around 6000 to 8000 with limited facilities. Anantha Kripa can help underprivileged women and children by providing accommodation facilities free of cost and thereby help them to their cost of treatment and also to make an impact in cut down the prices for the lodging facilities in the area.



Anantha Kripa, the project for providing free accommodation facilities to women and children from the under privileged sections of the society who are attending medical treatment in Regional Cancer Centre. Anantha Kripa, the project for providing free accommodation facilities to women and children from the under privileged sections of the society who are attending medical treatment in Regional Cancer Centre.

Anantha Kripa will have the following amenities for the satisfaction and safe stay of the inmates.

The accommodation facility is divided into two storey's; one for women and one for children. Each floor will have 7 dormitories and more than 45 bed space in each floor. The number of beds can be increased by introducing bunker beds to the dormitories. The place will be hygienic and the inmates can feel the caring touch of Sevabharathi.

Common Kitchen
Anantha Kripa will be accompanied by common kitchen facility to the inmates of Anantha Kripa. Patients can cook their food themselves and eat without paying any fee for the usage of kitchen. Sevabharathi will also provide the services of cook and assistant cooks for the women and children who are in need of help at kitchen.

Hygienic Bathroom Facilities
Clean and tidy bathroom facilities with customised bathrooms and toilet facilities for the women and children. The bathrooms will be hygienic and anti-bacterial with cleaning staffs.

Safety and Security
Anatha Kripa will have 24 hrs surveillance system without compromising the general privacy of the inmates. The place will be protected by security staffs and ensure control of visitors other than inmates with designated registration offices. The safety and security will be ensured by in-the- house security staff (both male and female) round the clock.

Parking Facilities
The ground floor of Anantha Kripa will have parking facilities for the inmates with security.

Round the Clock Doctor Assistance and Ambulance Facility
The facility also includes a doctor on call facility for the patients and inmates for free of cost. The facility is to provide additional medical assistance for the patient ongoing treatment in RCC in case of emergency. The accommodation facility is also accompanies by free ambulance service of Sevabharathi serving 24 hrs a day. The ambulance service can be used by the patients in case of emergency.

Blood Bank
It is proposed to include a blood bank with the project and required blood will be collected from donors in the Sevabharathi Volunteer fraternity and served on request.

Common Prayer Hall
The project will also include a common prayer call for all religions to get a relief from the pain and sorrow they face through spiritual activities.

Rehabilitation and Empowerment
Anantha Kripa also aims at rehabilitation and empowerment of the women and children who are cured. The empowerment can be made through vocational training for those who are cured from illness. The training also includes mental strengthening to recover from the feeling of insecurity which cannot be cured by medicines. The rehabilitation also includes helping the patients to find a self-employment opportunity for their living in the future as the disease not only destroys the health but also the financial stability of families.



The project provides 90 beds per day to the patients and bystanders especially women and children with kitchen facilities and also include 24 hr ambulance services and a blood bank. Average occupancy is expected in full and therefore the project can cater 32850 bed nights for accommodation.

The hospital based data analysis which focused only on the histologically confirmed cases of Regional Cancer Centre patients during the year 2012-13.Out of 14,985 patients 7,333 were males and 7,652 were females. The age of these patients ranged from 0 to 75+ years. Maximum numbers of patients (3,280- 3825) having cancer were in the age group of 45-64 years.

These compiled data show that the total cancer patients in 2012- 13 were 2,08,926 patients(14,985 new case and 1,93,941 review cases). Thus, it is clear from the figure that the number of cancer cases has increased gradually with time. The statistics suggests the number of cancer patients seem to be increasing over every year steeply and on the other side the cost of treatment is also increasing in a faster pace.

Analysing the outpatient numbers per year into socio economic bifurcations, 1,27,217 patients who are availing a concession in payment of bill required to accommodate during their course of treatment in RCC. Anantha Kripa can facilitate accommodation for 20% (approx.) of the requirement per year from 32850 bed nights.There are around 14 institutions that provides accommodation for such patients and the cost per room comes around Rs.50 to Rs.500 per day. The cost of accommodation troubles the financially vulnerable section over and above the cost of treatment and medicines. But the limited IP facility and absence of any free accommodation makes them to bear the cost, making them even hard to run the race against cancer. However, about 6 Km from RCC, there is an accommodation facility for the children but are limited to 15 nos. Anantha Kripa will be the first free accommodation facility with decent amenities and emergency services for the women and children seeking treatments at RCC and which is one of the humanitarian service by Sevabharthi Kerala at the right time. Further, it will also a good example for blooming similar institutions and thereby cutting down the cost of accommodation in the area.



Serving the poor is the best way to serve the ultimate Spirit. Sevabharathi Kerala is an institution driven by values and selfless service mentality and none of the volunteers are expecting any benefits in the nature of economic or others except a sense of satisfaction Sevabharathi consume this opportunity to thank the gracious donors, volunteers, the eminent personalities who shows us the right path and ultimately the public who receives benefits from our services.


"Doing good to others is for merit and causing pain to others is for sin." We expect Anantha Kripa will be a great help for the women and children in need of care and love and will also be a great appreciation for us to undertake similar projects in the near future to serve the humanity selflessly.